Nonprofits Haven

At CollectiveAid we provide a flexible eCommerce landscape for communities and their members to help funding local schools and/or nonprofit organizations that matter to them most by providing tools beyond monetary means. This platform enables members to not only to create a income stream for themselves, but also to give back to their communities.

Let us do all the heavy lifting by connecting the dots and community members to your organization.

Nonprofits will have their dedicated portal that allows viewers and member to learn more about your organization, donate portion of proceeds from sales of their goods and services to your organization, purchase services and goods that are listed to benefit your organization.

CollectiveAid members will donate from 10% to 100% of final sale of their services and products to charity, school, or nonprofit organization of their choice.  The nonprofit receives recognition in the listing and benefits from the seller’s success.

There are NO upfront COSTS whatsoever to your organization, and A LOT to GAIN!