Generosity Marketing


Generosity Marketing

In the past, marketing and advertising were all about how much you could “get” – getting the customer to watch your ad, getting people to buy your product, getting people to remember your catchy advertising jingle. But today, in the era of social media, online research and mobile apps, when consumers have more information and greater transparency than ever before to know about the brands and products they buy, it’s not good enough to make your marketing about “getting.” Instead, smart small business owners today are focusing their marketing on “giving.”

One of most advantageous and productive-all-around ways of reaching out to customers is connecting with the community you serve.  This means working hand-in-hand with your local schools and charitable organizations that are serving and helping neighborhoods that you and your family is residing.  This means that people are more inclined to do business with those that are part of their community and their success is beneficial all-around.

Supporting Your Community’s Schools and Charitable Organizations Is Good Business. You Know it and the Community Knows it too…

…that’s why many businesses support community sports teams and Scouting organizations. If you’re already involved in community charitable donations, or you’ve been thinking about it but the economic downturn has been holding you back, here’s a way to give back to the community and make money doing it!