Community and Campaign Manager

Community Managers

Are you passionate about a cause or a specific mission of any charity/school/nonprofit organization, or you just have a knack for fundraising and campaigning?

...then CollectiveAid is for you!!!

At CollectiveAid, we provide a platform for those whom are keen in helping their communities and able to spread the word around about the needs of charities, schools, churches, or any nonprofit organization.

Community service come in many different shapes and forms, but regardless of what it is, it’s priceless.

Your community is in need of people like you to bring awareness to the issues that are effecting their lives on the daily basis.  Organizations that are working tirelessly such as schools, are under-funded and in dire need of support of their communities.

To be part of a winning team as a Campaign/Cummunity Manager, please

. Once approved, you’ll be on your way to earn income for something that you love doing – helping your community.

Become a Campaign/Community Manager, help your community, and earn income while doing it!

How It Works

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 to join a winning team and make a difference in your community.

Create Campaigns and Reach Out

Create Campaigns via our easy-to-use tools which enables you bring awareness to support a cause you care about and ask your friends, family, and community to join you by selling/buying goods and services to support your campaign.

Watch Your Commissions Grow

You’ll earn commissions from every successful campaign that you run.  Now, Everybody WINS!!!