Collective Solutions

CollectiveAid operates a community marketplace where buyers and sellers of goods and services can meet safely and conveniently to transact business while supporting schools, charities, churches, and in general any nonprofit organization DIRECTLY AND WITHOUT ANY MIDDLE-MAN!

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As our platform rule, sellers are required to donate 10% or more of their proceeds to a public school, cause, charity, or government recognized nonprofit organization.  Those donations are calculated and automatically deposited to nonprofit’s PayPal account directly and instantly.


Generosity Marketing

Generosity marketing is related to connecting your business/products with a favorite cause or a sense of mission to serve the community. Being able to give generously to community organizations and charitable causes that matter to you and your customers is a Good Business and Good for the Community!

Community Managers

With the help and support  of selected community members who function as Campaign/Community Managers, we are creating and maintaining partnerships within each and every community and business members to solidify transactions’ authenticity, as well as guarantee the deliverance of products and/or services.

There’s never been a better and easier way to leverage the power of the Internet to increase sales while providing an automatic way to give back to the community!
CollectiveAid provides you a bidirectional platform that enables members to help each other out while being neighborly and good Samaritans.

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Self-branded store platform that enables store owners to post unlimited amounts of items, services, chores, and images with multiple pricing capabilities (i.e. offering coupons, timed discounts, etc.); easy and secured by PayPal's powered payment system, and most important of all your donation reports.