Buy and Sell in Auction Format

Market & sell services, and/or hire other service providers...

Here’s a way to advertise your professional or freelance skills to potential buyers, get paid for what you do, and give back to your community at the same time!

Do some chores, and/or have others do your chores for you...

Whether you need have to a chore done, or you’re willing to do someone’s chores, there’s something in it for everybody – and we mean your community too…

Create Your Very Own Online Garage Sale...

Selling your unwanted items has never been easier.  Simple posting process. List as many items as you like and upload as many images as you like for FREE


Love Your Community

How wonderful it is that nobody need to wait a single moment to improve the world…


Come Together

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much…


Earn Extra CASH

Make money by decluttering your home, offer your skill sets, do chores…

Setup online auctions for your products...

Start Your Online Auction

Our Online Auction System Brings Competitive Edge to Buyers and Sellers to Help Their Communities !!

CollectiveAid provides you a comprehensive and easy-to-use auction system that enables you to sell you product in a competitive environment so you can get the most value for your items while your community also reaps the benefits too.

In Other words “it’s a Win-Win-Win-….” Situation!!!  

All For FREE!!!

CollectiveAid’s Auction tool provides you with simple self-managed options which cost extra $$ to post in many sites, for FREE!!!

These tools include:

 Auction Type: Normal/Reverse

       Reserved Price

Buy-it-now Price

       Customize Start and Ending Day of Your Auction

Upload Unlimited Number of Images

       No Deductions From Your Selling Price

No Listing Fees

By partnering up with one of the most secured and reputable payment distribution systems, PayPal, we have the capability to deliver payments between all parties directly, securely, and instantly!